Jaydeep Borkar (जयदीप बोरकर)

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I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Pune University in India in November 2020. Presently, I am an external research student at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab working with Dr. Pin-Yu Chen on research related to adversarial robustness of deep learning models. I will be joining Northeastern University as a PhD student this fall to work on trustworthy machine learning where I'll be advised by Alina Oprea.

I'm also a co-organizer of the Trustworthy ML Initiative, which aims to lower the entry barriers into trustworthy machine learning.

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My primary research interests lie in making machine learning safe and trustworthy for deployment in high-stakes applications. To achieve this goal, my current research focuses on security aspects such as adversarial machine learning. In addition to this, I am also interested in other measures of trustworthiness such as privacy and fairness.

Please contact me if you want a copy of my CV, discuss any interesting idea, collaborate on a research, or share a funny meme.

Simple Transparent Adversarial Examples
Jaydeep Borkar and Pin-Yu Chen
ICLR 2021 Workshop on Security and Safety in Machine Learning Systems


  • Simple Transparent Adversarial Examples paper (co-authored with Pin-Yu Chen) accepted to ICLR 2021 workshop on Security and Safety in Machine Learning Systems<.




  • Our Project COVID Letters has been shortlisted amongst the top 15 submissions across India in a challenge conducted by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and UNICEF India.


  • My friend and I launched a platform called COVID Letters where every one of us can write anonymous letters to spread positivity and help people combat anxiety and loneliness during the COVID19 pandemic.

For past news, please check this page.

COVID Letters
COVID Letters is a platform where every one of us can write letters to spread positivity and help others combat anxiety and loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shortlisted amongst top 15 submissions across India in a challenge conducted by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and UNICEF India.
On Product Hunt, Devpost (submitted to COVID-19 Global Hackathon 1.0).
Empowerange is a platform to aggregate the non-profits in the country, where the citizens can easily find different non-profits to contribute. This was my junior year mini project. It's currently a nonprofit platform.
Safe Internet Shell
A browser extension that blocks search results that might be toxic for kids, along with a parental control android that application monitors various online and offline activities of kid's device (such as mobile phone) to keep the kid truly safe.

Air Pollution Forecast App
An android application that forecasts a week-long Air Quality Index (AQI) level.

Open Source Contributions

Some of the open source projects to which I have contributed some lines of code.

Image credits: spaCy

spaCy is an industrial strength natural language processing library.



  • NeurIPS 2020
  • ICML 2020
  • ICLR 2020
  • Women in Data Science (WiDS) Pune Conference 2019
  • Google Developer Group (GDG) Pune Devfest 2018
Life outside research

I spend some of my free time working on my non-profit Empowerange. If you want to get involved or know more about it, or if you're a non-profit and wish to collaborate, please contact me. I also maintain TensVect, a GitHub organization to guide Computer Science students.

I also love to volunteer for various causes. In 2018, during floods in Kerala, I helped Kerala Flood Search and Rescue team as a chat support volunteer to rescue stranded people. Here is my blog post on the same.

I love music and dance, and on the folk dance side I love Garba (I have won several prizes as a garba dancer).

Languages I can speak: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati.

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